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SGU3A provides a wide range of enjoyable, educational, creative, and leisure activities on a self-help basis for those at, or nearing, retirement and living in the Shaftesbury and Gillingham area of Dorset.


The University of the Third Age is a nation-wide organisation for third-agers who feel the need to keep their minds active without the stress of tying themselves into an examination system.


For  more information on the activities both locally and nationally, or for how to join, click here or on the relevant menu links above.

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2nd March



More Tales of a

TV Cameraman


Richard Edwards



6th April



Spying - The Great Game


Kathy McNally



4th May



TheTitchborne Claimant


John Avery


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Any programme changes or other important information will be published here.


Heard of Rummikub?

It’s a game somewhat like Rummy, but played with tiles. Like to try it?


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Discounted Art Fund Offer
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The Team has been busy organizing a trip for each month this year.
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Published February 2017

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